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Non Toxic Dyne Pens

The test pens contain, similar to the test inks, fluids of defined surface tension. The surface energy of the material to be checked is determined simply by applying a stroke of ink with the tip of the felt pen. The accuracy of the measurement is, like the one of the test inks, ± 1 mN/m (dyne/cm).

Dyne pens are a convenient means of verifying a substrate’s treat level. They are commonly used in applications as a quick reference, when the accuracy of dyne solutions is not needed or where dyne solutions are not convenient to use. It is for this reason; dyne pen use is most often used at the production line or in the field. Although most will argue that the use of dyne solutions is more accurate, dyne pens, when used properly, do serve as a good alternative, when the use of dyne solutions proves impractical or the preciseness is not necessary.

The Non toxic pens do not contain any harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and are ethanol based.

The Non toxic pens ink are pink in colour,they contain 10ml of ink each and come packed in 10 pens to a box.


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